International Technical Officials

15 International Technical Officials from Hong Kong are appointed for the events at the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games:

Sport Post Name
Archery Classifier Dr. Chan Wing Nga, Chad
Athletics Chief International Technical Official Mr. Kwan Kee
Athletics International Photo Finish Judge Ms. Cheung Lai Ching
Athletics Classifier (II) Mr. Luk Tze Chung, Jim
Boccia Referee Ms. Kan Wai Chun, Grace
Boccia Referee Mr. Leung Man Yuk, David
Table Tennis Deputy Referee Mr. Lo Mun Ho
Table Tennis Umpire Ms. Wong Pui Shan
Table Tennis Umpire Mr. Lee Charn Kau
Wheelchair Basketball Referee Mr. Cheng Kai Chiu
Wheelchair Fencing Head Classifier Dr. Chung Wai Man
Wheelchair Fencing Classifier Mr. Law Ying Man, Angus
Wheelchair Fencing Referee Mr. Chu Ting Fung
Wheelchair Fencing Referee Mr. Lam Chi Ming, Andy
Wheelchair Fencing Referee Mr. Luk Wai Lung